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Welcome to Nobleman Books LLC, the ultimate destination for authors and readers. Dive into a world of endless stories and limitless imagination right at your fingertips. We are not just another book publishing company, we are a beacon of change in an industry dominated by corporate giants. Since we are aware of the shifting nature of reading, we are adapting to it as well. Rather than limiting ourselves to a single publishing model, we provide authors and readers with a wide range of possibilities.  

We know that big companies can sometimes make things tough for authors and readers. They might charge too much or make it hard for new authors to get noticed. But at Nobleman Books LLC, we are making this easy and feasible. We want to make publishing fairer for everyone. We give authors new ways to share their stories and connect with readers all over the world. Also, we make sure that authors get paid fairly for their work.

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“As an author, Nobleman Books LLC has been a game changer for me. My writing career has been immensely fulfilling because of how simple it is to publish and how supportive the community is.”

- Jane Doe Bestselling Author

“I adore the way Nobleman Books LLC recommends books to me based on my preferences. It feels like the platform really understands my reading preferences.”

- John Smith Avid Reader

“As an author, Nobleman Books LLC has been a game changer for me. My writing career has been immensely fulfilling because of how simple it is to publish and how supportive the community is.”

- Jane Doe Bestselling Author

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Sky Nobleman

Howdy, I am Sky Nobleman.  As an author I am inspired by thoughts, dreams, visions, life experiences and imagination.  As when I was in the United States Marine Corps some parts of my stories are easier to write as I have real life experience with them.  Other parts of my stories come from my creative mind and who knows what they will turn into.  I stay extremely busy with other parts of life and the time I dedicate to writing is driven by that ‘eating away at me feeling’.  Also that ‘haunting feeling’ I get from these thoughts that I must put certain things down in writing that won’t go away until I piece them together and turn them into the story they want to be.  They will continue to haunt me until they are expressed.  When I express what it is that I am trying to say, I don’t expect everyone will understand what it is that is haunting or eating away at me.  But I do expect it will be a good story.  That’s what I would like to deliver to my reader is a good story.


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